What is a SIN Print?

The SIN (Sample It Now) Print is a watermarked, color matched reproduction of the original artwork sized to its exact dimensions.

For a small price, you can have a color matched reproduction print of the original artwork shipped to you for FREE. The SIN Print will give you an opportunity to experience how the corresponding original artwork will live in your home, office, or wherever else you want the best emerging art to "hang."

If you end up purchasing the original, the price of the SIN Print will be deducted from the final sale. Please remember that by ordering a SIN Print it does not guarantee you first rights to purchase the corresponding original work and it remains freely purchasable by other registered users in the interim. Any original works that have a width greater than 64" will not be available for immediate conversion into a SIN Print, if you would like a SIN Print of any such works, please contact our support team (support@60inches.com) and we will work toward a solution.

The SIN Print—just another way @60” is helping you reach The Height of Art.

Feel free to contact us at support@60inches.com with any questions.


C Owen

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