@60" Presents: The Four Building Blocks Of Wise Art Investing

@60inches Presents: The Four Building Blocks Of Wise Art Investing

Whether buying art as an investment or for the sole intent of brightening one’s surroundings, there is a method to acquiring that special piece! Just as choosing the right wine from an extensive menu, the art of selecting the most suitable work for your space can be daunting. However, when armed with sound advice, hunting for artwork can be immensely rewarding.

@60inches assembled a few top artistic leaders to reveal their approach for creating a praiseworthy collection. Art investor Jim Hedges, Christian Leone, co-founder of Vaunte.com, former Head of Digital at Christies’ auction houseMichael O’Neal and interior designer Thom Filicia of Thom Filicia Inc. shared their professional insights and personal advice to help you become a wiser investor!

Identify Your Budget 

Whether you’re starting small or investing big, smart buys are simply a trusted resource away. “It’s important to be realistic and stick to it,” notes Christian Leone of Vaunte.com. When working with a limited budget, consider focusing on emerging artists with high potential, especially if you have large wall spaces to cover. However, investing in known artists is still a definite possibility! Smaller works or prints by a noted artist can be acquired for a fraction of the selling price of their one-of-a-kind pieces. Using a trusted art advisor is key to building a smart collection on a limited budget as their knowledge can mean the difference between creating value and simply wasting capitol. @60” can also help you commission a work from an artist at the top of your list, which can meet your budget as well as your dream for the perfect piece!

For those with a great deal more to spend, it is helpful to assemble a wish list before haunting local galleries. Knowing the prices of your favorite pieces can help one weigh the value of a new find by an unknown artist.

Be An Educated Buyer

“The internet is a great tool for research, it enables buyers to explore available inventory,” advises Michael O’Neal former head of Digital at Christie’s auction house.  Take advantage of online resources to become more educated on artists and their works you’d most like to own. It’s important to review their bio, education, exhibition history, acknowledgements and awards and their current projects. @60inches provides this data within every artist’s profile and offers a dedicated team of curatorial specialists to assist buyers with inquiries.

Whether you’ve spotted a favorite piece or are narrowing down a list of works for future gains, becoming an educated buyer gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a purchase based on awareness not impulse!

Challenge Your Preferences

Many new art enthusiasts would be surprised that much like artists themselves, one’s aesthetic senses change and evolve over time! A collector may begin as an admirer of Modern Art but gradually begin to incorporate Contemporary artists into their collection. However, perhaps a film or beloved vacation may expose one to older art movements like Impressionism or Neoclassicism and suddenly a new world of art becomes of interest.

Much of the experience we have with art, from any genre, is the emotional connection. This connection can tie a buyer’s collection together as a unique footprint of the owner’s sense of taste. The internet offers a variety of choices and the ability to view countless works from varied eras, subjects and cultures.

Christian Leone, Co-Founder of Vaunte.com advises, “there’s no need to be intimidated or fear discovering what you like and what you don’t. It’s really about enjoying the process!”


“Art is a place where you can express yourself and have a creative outlet. You can learn. You can participate…everyone should think of themselves as a collector,” remarks Jim Hedges, a former hedge fund leader and forever avid contemporary art collector. He stresses the importance of becoming engaged within the artistic process. “Buyers owe it to themselves to see as much art as possible and to become immersed in the art world,” he notes.

Art magazines, galleries and online information provide endless knowledge for those truly interested in learning about the pieces they’ve chosen to hang in their office or home. Gallery owners and artists love to share their expertise.

Interior designer, Thom Filicia of Thom Filicia Interiors, relies on @60” as a useful tool for his clients. “@60” is an amazing resource and site that I use to source the most innovative and emerging artists today! It’s not only an organized way to view large collections of works,” he remarks, “but also an engaging place to experience the latest in the world of art and design.”

Curated by top industry experts, the inventory offered by @60” provides a smooth and trusted buying experience. Our advisory services and great curatorial team will help you build not only a well-rounded intelligent group of works but also a beloved collection.  Utilizing the tools available is key to making the best choices and @60” is a timesaving service dedicated to helping you own the pieces you’ve always dreamed of having and a few still awaiting your discovery. Get started by taking our complimentary Art Advisor Questionnaire now.