@60" For Interior Designers

If you’ve found yourself here, you are most likely an art professional and you are probably wondering how can @60” help you and your clients needs?

With few art resources that directly target the interior design and art professional community, we have created a unique marketplace where interior designers and other art professionals can specifically fulfill their clients’ needs in one location by exploring our highly desirable inventory of emerging artists (which is open to the public), decorative art (which is only viewable by registered interior designers and art professionals), weekly curated sales, and our inspirational/aspirational “Get the Look” profiles. We have a long history of working with some of the top interior designers and art professionals in the marketplace, and our track record of art fulfillment speaks for itself.

In particular, we provide the following services:

  1. In-House Curatorial Team. We have in-house curators to assist you in suggesting appropriate artworks for your projects or clients. Our team has the related experience and dedication to ensure that your clients’ space is filled with appropriate pieces to compliment the decor and budget. Our curators work remotely or can meet with you directly or in your client’s home to advise on color scheme, genre, and placement. With over 11,000 images in our closed art professional accessible database (available exclusively to art professionals), there is no project too big or small.

  2. Order Sample Prints of Original Works. Sample It Now (SIN) Prints allow your clients to “try before they buy.” For a very low price, we can produce and ship a full size, watermarked reproduction of the original artwork you and/or your client is considering. This gives you and your client a chance to see the size, color and scale of the original artwork before purchasing while saving you hundreds of dollars in shipping and insurance costs. SIN Prints are color matched to the original and are produced in the original piece's respective dimensions (the only restriction is width, which cannot be greater than 64”). SIN Prints can be produced and shipped extremely quickly and cost effectively. We want to provide you and your clients a real sampling of how a particular work will look in a space without incurring unnecessary costs.

  3. Shareable Client Portfolios. With the help of our internal curators, you can build art portfolios of work found on our website. These portfolios can be shared via a link or pdf. Each portfolio will contain images of the artwork, its details and pricing as well as a bio of the artist. With that said, any one of these elements can be hidden (e.g., price or artist bio). We’ve found that the ability to share these portfolios, especially in this digital age, is a great tool for facilitating the difficult task of choosing the right piece for a specific space.

  4. Staging/Renting for Art Projects If clients need a temporary solution to barren walls, we can provide highly vetted and/or decorative pieces at a manageable fee. Art can help transform any event, gathering or presentation into an impactful visual experience. Rather than populating a space with poorly curated and/or low quality artwork, our in-house curators can select original pieces from our inventory of talented artists to produce a customized experience for your client. 

  5. White Glove Service (Framing, Shipping, Installation). We offer a range of personalized framing, logistic and transportation solutions that can be customized to meet your clients’ design, framing, delivery and installation requirements. Our team can assist in choosing framing solutions for your clients’ art, and coordinate shipping, handling and installation services dependent on the particular art and its ultimate destination.


For more information about how we can help fulfill your clients’ needs in connection with any of the above, register with us as an art advisor, art professional or interior designer. Contact us for more information and we will get back to you shortly.