Become an Artist @60"

@60” helps artists connect both online and off with collectors, interior designers, and industry professionals. We provide the tools, exposure, and support necessary to advance your career in a highly competitive market.

Getting your portfolio online and in front of our member community is easy and @60” offers two avenues to promote and sell your work, the main @60” site and @60 Studio.

The front facing @60” site includes a roster of top emerging artists that our curatorial team has selected from applicants who have successfully completed the application process. We strive to be the Height of Art, and we are confident that our hand selected artists will be the “what’s next” of the art scene.

@60 Studio is a component of the @60” website and will be used as a tool for our registered art advisors, interior designers and other art professionals. While not available to the general browsing public, artwork selected for @60 Studio will be available for curation and purchase by some of the art community’s top professionals (and, as a result, it will end up in the hands of many top collectors). If you are selected for @60 Studio, every six months you can make a request to our curatorial team for reevaluation in connection with the @60” website. Furthermore, we will periodically choose artists from @60 Studio for inclusion in the @60” main site and its curated sales.

Once you complete the application process, which includes registering with our site and completing your unique profile (e.g., filling in your “about” and CV sections and uploading at least five high resolution images of your artwork), your completed profile will be submitted to our curatorial team. Upon review, you will either be selected for our main @60” site or for @60 Studio.

No one will be denied the ability to sell their artwork and there is no fee for submitting an application. @60” artists also get a personalized URL link to their portfolio page which they can share with friends and family.

Membership is free and it includes everything you need to publish and manage your portfolio online.