Collector FAQ

@60”? What does that mean?

@60” is a reference to the ideal height to hang art. The center point of each piece of art should be 60” from ground level. If working with a grouping of artworks, pick the center point of the grouping, and that should be 60” from ground level. Got it? Good.

That’s witty, but why should I buy art from you?

For over seven years, the co-founders of @60” have built a reputation for supporting and developing the careers of top emerging artists. Together with our dedicated and experienced curatorial team, we have selected a roster of artists that represent “what’s next” in the art community. Our track record is proven with @60” artists moving on to gallery representation and record auction hammer prices.

That’s great, but I am still a little hesitant to pull the trigger, can I try before I buy?

Short answer, yes: by purchasing a “SIN Print,” which are available for almost every piece of artwork listed on our website. The SIN Print is a watermarked reproduction print of the original artwork, sized to its exact dimensions. The SIN Print will be shipped to your home where you can hang it on your wall or show it to family and friends in an effort to figure out whether or not you want the original. If you decide that you do, and you should, upon purchasing the original, the price of the SIN Print (approximately $30, depending on the size of the piece) will be deducted from the final sale.

That’s a great idea. But why “SIN Print”, it sounds naughty?

Ha. Thank you, and it is. “SIN” is an acronym for “Sample It Now,” if you are hesitant about a piece of art on our site, we want to provide you an opportunity to sample it first (see the previous FAQ, keep up now).

Cool, if a “SIN Print” is a sample print, then what is a “limited edition” print?

A limited edition print refers to just that, a limited run of prints of a single piece of art. To ensure quality and value, limited edition prints are usually restricted to small runs (e.g., anywhere from 5 to 500, typically). Due to the fact that limited editions are finite (meaning, not going to be produced again), they have proven to be great investments for emerging collectors. All limited editions on our site are numbered (e.g., 1/5) and signed by the artist.

Interesting, I noticed that you also sell @60 Editions, what are those?

[Note: when flowed into the site make sure the @60s don’t all stack, like here] @60 Edition is a run of limited edition prints exclusively commissioned by @60” and produced in direct collaboration with the featured artists. Each @60 Edition is printed with high quality fine art paper that is approved by the artist. Like all limited edition prints for sale on our site, each will be hand-numbered and signed by the artist. To ensure quality and value, we keep our runs of @60 Editions small so that each collector can maximize their investment.

Ok, all well and good, but can I be assured everything on your site is authentic?

No doubt. Everything we list on our site is authentic, guaranteed. We guarantee it so much, we even include an authenticity certificate. Seriously though, we wouldn’t date sell our collectors something that we didn’t believe in and back 100%.

That’s great to hear, what about if I need help finding the right piece of art for my collection or space, is that something you can help with?

Of course, we’re here to make sure your purchase experience is top notch. If you have any questions about a piece of art or you need help in picking the right piece for you, feel free to contact us at That’s how we do.

How is artwork from your site shipped to me once I purchase it?

For a detailed explanation, visit our shipping policy.

Helpful indeed, but what if I need “special” help, meaning framing or art handling and installing?

Again, not a problem, if you need framing services, special shipping, handling or installing, or just anything special or out of the ordinary, we can assist via our White Glove Service. Check it out, we can go fancy.

Can I return a piece of artwork purchased on your site?

You’ve got some solid questions: for a detailed explanation, visit our return policy.

Good stuff, what happens if I want to build a collection, but I am not necessarily ready to purchase anything yet?

Not a problem, go to “My Collection” and begin building your very own virtual collection of @60” art which you can share with family, friends or complete strangers via email, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. When you are ready to purchase something you’ve “collected,” just click on the image and it will take you to the purchase page. Now go, browse on my friend and start collecting the best emerging art available online.

You’ve been helpful Mr. FAQ, but if have more questions, what do I do?

Feel free to contact us at with any additional questions.